Chris has been a Photographer for more than 30 years.

He had his first camera at the age of 19 and the photography bug took hold.
Chris has always liked the out doors. While working as a long distance truck driver and having his camera with him enabled Chris to Photograph Landscapes, Wildlife, Street Life etc.

As a Landscape Photographer Chris has sold images at Stock Libraries to more than 15 countries and is continuing to add to his huge range of stock photo collection.

In 2000 Chris was asked if he could shoot a Family portrait session for a friend, the Portrait session went so well Chris was then asked more and more to shoot Family Portraits.

In June 2001 Chris was asked to shoot a Wedding, he was given 48 hours notice as the Photographer the couple had booked some 14 months in advance had called and said he was unable to shoot the wedding due to ill health, the photographer could not suggest anyone who could cover him, Chris agreed to shoot the wedding and it went extremely smooth.

Chris continues to Photograph Weddings to this day.

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