Long Exposure

Ladybower Plug Hole OverflowAfter waiting for almost 4 years for the reservoir to be overflowing and my being able to get there I got the picture to the right.

Deciding when I arrived, I wanted to capture the movement of the water flowing into the plug hole and looking southeast with the central tower and on to Bamford Edge and the beautiful puffy white clouds in the sky, I knew that I needed to be at the west side of the reservoir.

Walking to the west side of the reservoir with my camera bag on my back and tripod in hand, I looked to the southeast and said to myself that’s it that’s the view I pictured in my mind. I set up my tripod, this is a necessity with long shutter speeds as the smallest amount of movement from the camera would ruin the picture, after deciding on view, putting my 17-70mm Sigma lens on and framing up the view I wanted at 17mm, the camera gave me an initial shutter speed of 1/30 of a second, not slow enough to give the feeling of flowing water.

I then decided on a 10-stop filter, this was decided on as the speed of the water flowing into the plughole was fairly fast paced. Getting my 10 stop Hoya (Round) filter and cleaning to make sure of no dust or smudges on it, and then screwing it to the front of my lens I was ready to take my first picture.

Setting the self-timer on the camera for 2 seconds to allow any small movement after I pressed the shutter button to settle down for the best result, and Setting the shutter speed to 30 seconds.
I waited to see if my settings and framing was right, a 30 seconds wait seems a lot longer when you are just standing around waiting for the shutter to close and the image to show on the LED screen, and then the LED lit up and yes I got it right, after all the waiting for the conditions and timing to be right I got what I waited for all these years.

Long exposure photography can be used for giving the appearance of movement, to make water look silky smooth and to make clouds look as if they are floating across the sky.

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